Create a new channel of highly qualified leads.

Add real value to your professional network and best leverage your marketing expenses

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Step 1
✨ Collect your leads in for pre-CRM enrichment

Import your segmented targets from existing campaigns (Webinars, Referrals, Performance Marketing and Event attendees).
No target lists yet? No Problem. Build the perfect one using and LinkedIn.

Step 2
🚀 Establish connections between your sales team and their prospects

Reach out to your target audience on LinkedIn with authentic and personalized connection campaigns.  Wisely automated.

Step 3
🌱 Build trust and credibility with new connections

Use marketing activities on LinkedIn to rapidly nurture and warm up your prospects.

Step 4
🎯 Set your sales team loose on highly engaged connections

Highly qualified, more engaged prospects for sales result in shorter sales cycles, better close rates and higher revenues.

Professional Services

We are here to help you build up your complete marketing automation and sales engagement activities.

Software and Support

LinkedIn-based campaign software to establish connections, nurture and manage relationships at scale.
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SOFTWARE at a glance ✨

Consistent flow of new leads
EVERY DAY into your LinkedIn network or CRM of choice

Use to create a highly effective LinkedIn campaigns in minutes. Combine automated LinkedIn actions with manual tasks that appear in your CRM.

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Designed in Germany. Used and loved by users worldwide.

Regardless of your language addresses your needs to start a digital conversation. The German language has a few additional barriers. addresses them all.

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Combine Manual Tasks with
Automated LinkedIn Actions

Integrate calls, emails or video messages and other tasks into you campaigns to optimize your communication effectiveness

Connect LinkedIn and your CRM system of choice.

LinkedIn is the world´s largest self-maintaining b2b ecosystem. Use to integrate your data with your CRM.

Chat templates for faster and better responses.

Use pre-defined text templates to improve your message reply speed, structure and effectivness.

A Great Team Of Industry Experts - Inbound X Webflow Template
A Great Team Of Industry Experts - Inbound X Webflow Template
About us

A great team of industry experts

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Our KICKOFF Process

Start with our Webinar

Marketing Plan - Inbound X Webflow Template

Live Training

In 45 minutes full of coaching, you will learn how and for what you can use social media, personal branding and digital business development.

Execution - Inbound X Webflow Template

kickoff Checkliste

After the webinar you will receive your kickoff checklist to become visible on LinkedIn, reach your ideal target audience and get started.

Growth & Scale - Inbound X Webflow Template

Campaign kickoff

We stand by your side via chat or in a free initial consultation and launch your LinkedIn effort.


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

I was able to reduce my effort by 80% and significantly improve my results.

Thanks to the collaboration with, we were finally able to close the gap between marketing and sales - and more importantly, offer our customers significant added value at the very first stages of the customer journey.

Stefan Jakob, Head of Sales at BSgroup Data Analytics Group dramatically reduced my manual out reach efforts, and has changed the way I work forever!

I have been using LinkedIn since 2010 as an essential channel to fill roadshows, events and webinars around the world with exactly the right leads for my clients. has super-charged my process and dramatically boosted my effectiveness.

Michael Fritz, CEO at 4D Promotions , and  VP Partnerships and Alliances at
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