Sep 1, 2022

Mike Fritz joins Reach-Out.app

Mike Fritz joins Reach-Out.app

Berlin, 22. August 2022. Reach-Out.app is pleased to announce the expansion of their management team. 

Original Co-founders Moritz Tittler, CEO, and Christoph-Thomas Abs, CTO, welcome Mike Fritz as Vice President, Global Alliances & Partnerships.

Reach-Out.app was originally founded in 2019 to support event-related sales and marketing processes, with a focus on intelligent lead capture and follow-up automation.

In 2020 Covid-19 caused dramatic changes in B2B sales and marketing practices as companies globally struggled to find new ways of networking, relationship building and lead generation.

At that time, 4D Solutions Inc. (Mike) and Reach-Out.app (Moritz & Christoph) partnered to address this problem and better leverage the LinkedIn ecosystem as a new channel for marketing, business development and sales in a new world.

"We are pleased to bring Mike Fritz to our management team as the perfect addition to lead our globalization efforts, helping companies around the world to close the widening gap between marketing and sales with Reach-Out.app software and services."
- Moritz Tittler (CEO)